Merchants On Issaquena: Avenue of the Blues in Mississippi 



Detailed Table of Contents: This detailed list is not given in the book because of its excessive length. It can provide either a faster way to research or summary of most of the merchants. It is not intended to help you find the actual location in the manuscript; thus this list does include the chapter, but not the page numbers.



Chapter 4: Section two covers the tour of the twenty-three buildings. In section two each chapter presents one building with its history of ownership and the occupants. Often the actual building is divided into storefronts. Because some of the buildings have one to four storefronts, each storefront is presented by giving the occupants using only that storefront between 1900 and 1980. This is the first building starts the tour on the north east side of the street. The remaining chapters 5 through 12 walk you to each subsequent building going from north to south. The remaining chapters 13 through 22 are across the street. The tour continues at the south corner and walks you to each subsequent building in a northerly pattern.



Reader’s Letters: A reader’s letter is added when the individual has advised the author/publisher about a correction or added another story to the history. Hopefully, these can be incorporated into the book as part of the Appendix, but enough have to be accumulated to justify the cost.



Memoirs Of Jewish Families Of Coahoma County 



Family Surnames List is subdivided by decades to show which families are listed in which decade. It does not specify when they arrived to live in Clarksdale or when they moved out of town.




The manuscript is divided by decades. Within the decade, a specific year is included when there is data/event occurring in that year. In addition to the families, local, state, national, and global events are listed first under the year it occurred. Congregation Beth Israel, the local synagogue history is included in the specific year the event(s ) occurred.


Names of Jewish families are listed alphabetically. Subtopics are the family surname and then, subdivided into first names or their business. The effort and purpose is to tell the story by the specific year in which it occurred; however, some data were included within a specific year even though it may not fit the year because often, the interviewee did not remember the exact year. Another example is the names of the children with year of birth and location. When available, the children’s names, year born and state or country are added with the initial entry of their parents.

Endnotes: included by Arabic numbers or Roman numerals listed by the Chicago Manual Style. Several of the endnotes are not complete because it will cost too much money and time to find a page number or a publisher. The digital images were there on the dates accessed. We hope you can find them also. If you can’t find it, I suggest you use Google search for the topic to see what is still available.


Bibliography: The bibliography is a separate document because of its length. The Chicago Manual Style was used and Elite Authors, a professional editing company, added their professional style to some of the entries.


Your contributions are welcomed. I will certainly add these memoirs if you want to be included. Photos (scanned) are welcomed. To guide you in this effort:



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